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Round One
bleach_km_mod wrote in bleach_kinkmeme

Welcome to Round One of Bleach Kinkmeme



Gen, Ichigo & Ukitake, trust

Ukitake and Ichigo getting to know each other and becoming friends. Probably before the Hueco Mundo arc, while Orihime was training there. Show the reasons why Ichigo trusted Ukitake so completely during Ginjou's accusations.

(Doesn't have to be gen, can be Ukitake/Ichigo or other pairings on the side, just the focus is on their friendship.)

Re: Gen, Ichigo & Ukitake, trust

^^ What a beautiful idea

Byakuya/Ichigo, rescue

Ichigo has to rescue Byakuya from someone/something.

Re: Byakuya/Ichigo, rescue


Matsumoto/Nanao, glasses!kink

Matsumoto has a glasses kink.

Shinji/Hiyori, nightmares

Shinji has nightmares.

Byakuya/Renji, AU, blind date

Alternate Universe, Byakuya and Renji don't know each other. They're set up on a blind date together.

Re: Byakuya/Renji, AU, blind date

OH. Nice!

Byakuya/Ichigo, Viewfinder AU

Byakuya as a powerful mafia (Asami), and Ichigo as a brazen photographer (Akihito) caugh by Byakuya. Author can pattern or just take hints on Viewfinder.

Byakuya/ Renji AU

Renji is a high-end thief and, unfortunately, also a compulsive pickpocket. One day he 'bumps' into Byakuya and picks off his phone.
They start a conversation as Byakuya texts his own phone to track down said thief... and before Renji knows it, he's the one hooked to the line (and the guy on the other end of it).

May I adopt this one?

Byakuya/Renji - Mixed Martial Arts AU

Renji is an MMA fighter at the top of his game. He's big, he's brutal. Loves using his fists. and knees. and elbows. Whatever it takes, he never backs down and somehow always outlasts his opponents.

Byakuya as an MMA fighter is unbeatable. He's sleek, lightening quick and entirely viscous. Anyone who's ever derogatorily called him a 'Princess' has either had their knees dislocated, or jaw broken, or has never returned to the ring.

Renji needs the win. He's neck deep in debt.

Byakuya has an agreement with his grandfather-- one loss, and he'll leave the ring to go back into the family business. He'll give up his freedom to become the family patriarch. He cannot lose.

... also really hot locker-room-sweaty-bruised-sex would be awesome!

Re: Byakuya/Renji - Mixed Martial Arts AU


haha, what was I thinking there? *snerk*


Haven't seen many Byakuya/Ichigo stories with some kinda plot. So anything with them would be great. Long stories with plenty of drama and happy endings are welcome. :)

It could be AU or not.. I am kinda partial to Ichigo being the uke in the story, but not ooc.

I like to read a story where they get to know eachother...a slow building thing. Maybe something like Ichigo's part of soul society already. A friendship that they reluctantly form then over the years turns to something more which catches them by surprise. Cause a mature Ichigo is a great thought. :)

Re: Byakuya/Ichigo


Re: Byakuya/Ichigo (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Byakuya/Ichigo (Anonymous) Expand


xposting from the latest kink meme ( I wish this fandom would have just supported one kink meme instead of constantly making new ones (this is the fifth I've seen), but if this meme actually sticks I'll be a happy camper.

PWP where Yoruichi has a cock and Ichigo has a pussy. Otherwise I want them to still be a woman and a man, respectively. I don't really care what explanation you use. (A fun bit of transformation that Yoruichi teaches Ichigo? A fic with transgender issues? No explanation at all, just an assumption that the fic takes place in some world where this is the norm? Whatever.)

Kensei/Hisagi/Renji, threesome

Hisagi sandwich please. Would love to see him being double-teamed by Kensei and Renji.

Re: Kensei/Hisagi/Renji, threesome

mmmmm, yummy.


Ichigo/Rukia- absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hisagi/Ukitake candle light dinner and hot stuff


Renji/Ukitake Renji is secretly in love

Re: Renji/Ukitake

I approve of Renji/Ukitake. Also pining.


Kink: BDSM, dom/sub but only in the bedroom aspect(like, make it obvious that they are equal in the relationship and Hisagi willingly submits to Urahara because he likes it), toys if you can fit them in there ^^


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